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In today’s world of decorative concrete, color is king. Floric Polytech’s Chroma-TechTM Polystain lets you achieve both bold statements in color and subtle variegations without color matching and consistency problems. Whether your application calls for using a specific color, matching other colors, highlighting or trying out fantastic color schemes, Chroma-TechTM Polystain’s limitless shades, hues and effects let your artistry run free. Almost anything is now possible.


Depending on the desired effect, you can take Chroma-TechTM Polystain from translucent to solid colors. Varying the colorant loading gives wide range in the esthetics, variegation, mottling and masking of the surface. Typical uses include:


• Create bold coloring effects

• Use as a washing and softening effect

• Touch up repaired colored concrete

• Fix mismatched colored concrete

• Provide translucent color masking

• Antiquing stamped concrete


Technically, Chroma-TechTM Polystain is a blend of polymers, co-solvents, surfactants, dispersing and wetting agents with pre-measured pigment packs that are mixed in at the time of application. It can also be used over conventional acid stains to broaden the color range significantly. We’ve developed an entire range of architectural coloring processes and techniques that can produce an incredible variety of shades, hues, marbling, mottling and gradients.


Because Chroma-TechTM Polystain is easy to use and installer-friendly, application is very simple while techniques and their results can be virtually unlimited. Using an airless sprayer, pump-up sprayer or even a sponge, applying Polystain over previously unsealed, colored and previously polystained areas that are either wet or dry can all result in different effects. It can be applied over damp or even green cured concrete. With 30 standard colors and 15 vivid accents, both color and effects are only limited by your imagination. These colors are also reflected in our WBP (Water Borne Product) Pigments Color Selector Guide.


Floric Polytech manufactures scientifically proven, field tested polymer based products. We work as a team with architects and contractors to insure the best, longest lasting installation available. Our product lines include: industrial coatings, architectural cementitious toppings, concrete restoration materials, deck coatings, waterproofing membrane systems and many other innovations. Whether for topical coloration of surfaces or industrial strength coatings for high levels of moisture vapor emission and thermal shock, we don’t just supply products – we also educate architects and contractors in high performance surfaces.


Architectural specifications and detail drawings are available upon request.

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