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Chroma-Tech CS-101 ClearSeal

Completing a concrete restoration or a stamped hardscape project is only the beginning. It has to be protected for the long term. Floric Polytech’s Chroma-TechTM CS-101 ClearSeal is the choice of professionals everywhere because they want to make sure their hard work will last. Not only that, it’s easily applied with Floric’s innovative chemical resistant sprayer –the Floric SolvenatorTM– to almost any interior or exterior overlayments, natural stone or concrete surface whether stamped, acid-stained, inter locking pavers –even self-leveling topping.


Unlike many typical styrene acrylic clear seals, Chroma-TechTM CS-101 ClearSeal is 100% Acrylic and completely UV stable without additives. It’s a solvent borne acrylic with silicon modification for superior adhesion and the richest wet look finish available today. Typical uses include:


• Indoor/Outdoor Concrete

• Interlocking Pavers

• Stamped or Exposed Aggregate Concrete

• Natural Stone

• Terrazzo and Synthetic Stone

• Acid Stained Floors

• Quarry Tile

• Stock rooms floors

• Even Stucco!


Technically, Chroma-TechTM CS-101 ClearSeal is a single component, solvent borne acrylic sealer (available in gloss and matt finish sealer), used over cementitious surfaces, polymer-modified resurfacers, toppings, rock and brick. It is as ideal in retail stock rooms for dust proofing as it is for enhancing color on all hardscape surfaces.


It is also used to enhance the color of natural surfaces of stone and pavers in landscaping. It can be easily applied on both interior and exterior projects over a wide range of climates and, because it’s completely UV stable, it will not yellow or chalk. As a matter of fact, we’ve been setting the standards for solvenated acrylics to exceed all A.D.A. slip coefficient requirements by incorporating a wide variety of non-slip media.


Since Chroma-TechTM CS-101 ClearSeal can be applied with roller, brush or Floric’s unique SolvenatorTM sprayer, application couldn’t be simpler. For the fastest and easiest application, it’s simply sprayed to cover the material surface. It dries quickly for recoat and service. Chroma-TechTM CS 101 ClearSeal may be used to seal porous tile, stucco, masonry, EIFS and most natural stone. It acts as a dust proofer as well as it helps restrict water penetration and salt attack.


Floric Polytech manufactures scientifically proven, field tested polymer based products. We work as a team with architects and contractors to insure the best, longest lasting installation available. Our product lines include industrial coatings, architectural cementitious toppings, concrete restoration materials, deck coatings, water-proofing membrane systems and many other innovations. Whether for topical coloration of surfaces or industrial strength coatings for high levels of moisture vapor emission and thermal shock, we don’t just supply products – we also educate architects and contractors in high performance surfaces.


Architectural specifications and detail drawings are available upon request.

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