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Chroma-Tech Acid Stains

Whether for Old World beauty or Modern Sophistication, Floric Polytech’s Chroma-TechTM Acid-Stain gives you the power to enhance concrete surfaces with unlimited colors and boundless character. The highest concentration of coloring salts in the industry provides rich, deep colors that are easily applied yet impart a dazzling range of hues and undertones through a simple dilution process.


Chroma-TechTM Acid-Stain can be easily applied to enhance the beauty of architectural concrete anywhere, whether horizontal or vertical. Using different application techniques can result in a wide range of unique looks and visual character as the acid reacts with the available free-lime in the surface of the concrete. Typical uses include:


• Restaurants, bars, and food service areas

• Hotels and casinos

• Retail stores and malls

• Art studios, theaters, and museums

• Offices and lobbies

• Family fun centers and amusement parks

• Pool decks, patios, and walkways

• Automobile showrooms

• Residential flooring

• Walls and countertops

• Faux rock walls

• Landscaping, faux rockscapes


Technically, Chroma-TechTM Acid-Stain is a coloring solution of metallic salts dissolved in an acid solution that, when applied to a cementitious surface, become a permanent part of the surface matrix. Depending on the preparation, many special color effects can be achieved as the salts react with and are absorbed into the porous surface. The result is a translucent, variegated and sometimes marbleized effect that will not crack or peel. Why use Chroma-TechTM Acid-Stain rather than conventional polymers or pigment-style stains? Beside being the most foolproof system of concrete coloration available anywhere, Acid-Stain imparts a visual character that simply can’t be achieved by other methods.


Application can be interior or exterior, on gray, color-hardened, stamped or textured concrete, even on micro-toppings or overlays. Three-dimensional effects can be made by sandblasting, scoring, and stenciling. Acid-Stain can be used as an entire surface colorant or just to accent a design on the floor. It can be easily used to color poured-in-place concrete, as well as tilt-up walls, stone face plaster, GFRC, faux rock, or used in conjunction with polishing and densifying techniques.


Floric Polytech manufactures scientifically proven, field tested polymer based products. We work as a team with architects and contractors to insure the best, longest lasting installation available. Our product lines include industrial coatings, architectural cementitious toppings, concrete restoration materials, deck coatings, waterproofing membrane systems and many other innovations. Whether for topical coloration of surfaces or industrial strength coatings for high levels of moisture vapor emission and thermal shock, we don’t just supply products – we also educate architects and contractors in high performance surfaces.


Architectural specifications and detail drawings are available upon request.

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